i love ellen

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Tweet of the year.


happy 6th wedding anniversary ellen and portia! 💕


6 years ago today….

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oh ellen

klinfield asked: Here's another reason to love Ellen, as if we needed one. I worked on "ellen" for the 1997-8 season. When Chastity Bono's father died, Ellen allowed her to take refuge on our sound stage at Disney for a few days to avoid the constant media harassment. I have a sad memory of her hiding in the bleachers all by herself. To hear her defend Chaz these days is amazing. This is just ONE of the reasons I adore Ellen and she'll always be one of my heroes! Ellen walks the talk.

Wow. The fact no one knew about this just confirms that Ellen’s kindness isn’t some publicity stunt. Thank you so much for sharing.


Okay, it’s “The Steve Harvey Show”…. I changed it. Aaaaanyway.


Robin Williams & Ellen DeGeneres


Ellen - Season 12 promo